About the Mchale's


Hi there and welcome! My name is Cody, and I'm the CEO and mastermind behind McHale Event Planning.  This handsome fella next to me is my husband Justin, and he is in charge of the entertainment part along with his business partner Michael Murphy. After 10+ years in the wedding industry, you will see why they're the best! 

When my husband and I meant little did we know what magic we could create. With the love for music and cars it was a match made in heaven! When they say you have a soulmate out there waiting for you. It's really true. Throughout the past 10 years we have always helped friends and family with their special events. Whether it was just a DJ needed for a wedding or someone that needed help bring their vision to life. We always seemed to be involved with events around us and it was an honor as well that they always asked for our help or referred people to us. We always talked about owning a business but it was our little joke amongst ourselves. All of a sudden we noticed we were joking about it a little TOO much. Fast forward 10 years an we finally took the dive into owning our own event planning company.  

Our goals here at McHale Event Planning is to bring everyone together for your special day. You will not be just a client, you will be treated like famiglia. We are a one stop shop that will accommodate all your needs and help you create that picture perfect event. Everything you need will be handled with precise detail, and we will give you that “WOW” factor that you have been searching for. We're here to help you find outstanding vendors that fit within your budget and to ensure that everything goes as planned with no stress. We do not believe in over marketing our business. We see a referral being the biggest form of a compliment for us. With McHale Event Planning we would rather have 10 events that come out breathtakingly gorgeous, then have 30 events that come out mediocre.  Our company is all about local growth as well. We pride ourselves on using all local businesses to show case that the best business is a small business. 

From start to finish you will be in great hands, with McHale Event Planning. So what are you waiting for? 

Let’s get started today!